Driving Directions:


Cabo Pulmo is about 90 mins from the San Jose del Cabo airport from here head north (La Paz).

At 91km marker start watching for the turn off...just before the long bridge over a large arroyo 92km marker.  

Turn right and follow road thru the small town of Santa Cruz to La Ribera.  

Just as you enter La Ribera veer to the right to Cabo Pulmo.  It's about a 20 minute drive on the paved road and then you will come to the wash board dirt road.  

Please always be aware of cows in the road, topes (speed bumps) and oncoming traffic.  
Continue another 20 minutes past Punta Colorado and Las Barracas and then you will arrive in Cabo Pulmo.

Pass Titos and Pepe's on the right, El Caballero on the left......then on the right follow the high yellow wall and turn at the ‘Calle Loma Vista’ sign......go over the cattle guard......three more roads on the left....VIA MARIPOSA.  
Go to the very end on the left...Lote 24.  Your holiday and adventure has just begun at Casa Cactus.  Enjoy!!

The National Marine Park

Surrounded by a National Marine Park, Cabo Pulmo is on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula. Along Cabo Pulmo's coast is the Sea of Cortez which is considered to be one of the most diverse seas on our planet being the home to more than 5000 species of ocean inhabitants which John Steinbeck wrote about in his book "The Log from the Sea of Cortez". Within Bahía Pulmo (Pulmo Bay) is a portion of a 20,000 year old reef.The full spectrum of the gorgeous reef has numerous branches teeming with life clinging and thriving within the wondrous coral.